About Divergent

Our Outlook

“What we see happening is the cost of healthcare delivery is escalating rapidly. And, there is a clear lack of customer oriented service and responsiveness in the industry. We plan to attack the status quo by delivering a wide array of cost effective systems, products, and services to our valued healthcare Clients. Our goal is to drive prices down, deliver quality products and services without compromise. The industry has been living high on the hog for too long. It is time we put things right.” -Dean Trivisani, President

Our Process

At Divergent we are committed to the delivery of quality solutions and customer satisfaction.   In tune with that drive, we work closely with you to understand your needs. We recognize the importance of the whole project life cycle:

  • Business understanding and requirements
  • Site  and workflow analysis
  • System design
  • Product selection
  • Deployment and long term support. 

With our comprehensive portfolio of services, Divergent delivers the expertise, flexibility, reliability and ultimately VALUE during all phases of your systems life cycle.

Corporate Profile

Just as demands for improved performance and operational efficiency are increasing, hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare service providers are facing reduced operating revenue and funding, caused largely by lower insurance and government reimbursements.

Divergent is driving to be a leading healthcare supply and systems integration company. Specifically, Divergent’s mission is to provide quality products to healthcare providers, which will enhance both their operating effectiveness and ability to deliver outstanding patient care.

Focusing on efficient and innovative supply chain management, the company serves the entire range of healthcare providers, including hospitals, surgery centers, and extended care facilities. It distributes medical-surgical products as well as complete RFID based solutions for Infant Protection, Wandering Patients, and Asset Tracking.

The company distributes its solutions through highly qualified, trained Sales Representatives, and authorized dealers, who are dedicated experts in the healthcare industry. Divergent’s goal is to aggressively pursue opportunities in both traditional and new markets.

Divergent’s management team has a rich history in development, manufacturing, distribution, and sales of products to the medical and commercial markets. We understand the quality, service and pricing needs in the marketplace

At Divergent, we work every day to achieve and go beyond our goals. We take time listening and understanding our client’s needs. And, we make sure that we are responsive and deliver top quality systems, products and services that our Clients will be ecstatic with.

Advocacy Statement

Divergent Medical Technologies advocates that healthcare facilities follow the guidelines outlined by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, the American Healthcare Association and the Food and Drug Administration.

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